Being Frugal, part 3: Coupon’s

via Couponing for Beginners: 11 Tips That Will Save You Thousands | Live Like You Are Rich

As a girl, raised in rural farm area, Indiana.

You used to be able, to get coupons, out of the town newspapers and newsletter’s.
Now, mostly in the Sunday paper, pages galore! Always, too many!
Now, you can barely find them printed!
If you can’t find them, look in any magazine, if I couldn’t find exactly what you want, you get online and search for specific Coupon’s, and print them off coupon sites: example: http://www.coupons.com
Nowadays, all stores have online stores, to order from the comfort’s of home and no fuss, no hustling, no vehicle, squeeze in your, as you clean the house.
Kroger’s has online coupons
Dollar General has online Coupon’s and online ordering and shipping!
Walmart has online ordering and shipping and they will take and comparison price with other stores.
Tractor Supply Company has online Coupon’s and ordering and shipping!

Most all gas companies have a Rewards Points Card.

My company is the same as any online business with a twist. We have Games, Penny Auctions and Badges for Poll & Versa point Rankings, for Class, Country and Individually. Lot’s of ways to win money, prizes, recognized for accomplishments!


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